Friday, September 08, 2006

Kari's First Day of School

Here's the traditional picture in front of the
fence. Kari is wearing her new Princess tennis
shoes. School started with circletime. The
children sang songs and recited poems. Kari
was very shy at first.

After circle time we played with different games and such.
She said her favorite thing was playing Play-Doh. She also liked this
bug puzzle. It had a magnetic net to "catch the bugs".

She also liked riding the horse.

This is Kari's flower garden. During playtime, the
timer would ring every 10 minutes and the children
would switch activities.

After playtime, it was storytime. Mrs. Kathie read
Clifford's First Day of School.

Then it was snacktime. Kari enjoyed the "Scooby
snacks" and apple slices.

Kari and Mrs.Kathie

Here's a turtle from the courtyard. The door was
locked so we couldn't get a closer picture. There are
17 turtles that the children get to feed.

Noah got to goof off while Kari was at school. He
actually hung out with Tara and Aidan. We went
to Chick-Fil-A for lunch to celebrate.

Kari can not wait to go back on Monday.

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