Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gotcha Being Good

On Monday, I volunteered in Kari's class. It was really neat to see what she does during the day and to interact with her classmates and some of the other parents. Mrs. Kathie gives the students "Gotcha Being Good" coupons if they exhibit responsible and polite attitudes during school. We told Kari if she received one each day last week, she'd get a special treat. On Friday, she received her third coupon for the week and chose to go to CEC on Monday for lunch. She and Noah had a great time! I was very thankful that it was not busy. It was a perfect time to go.

Noah liked riding on the Teletubbies vacuum.

Kari still likes hanging out with Barney.

Kari and Noah earned most of their tickets
at this game. I was shocked that they could
throw the ball into the rolling barrel so well.

Inspiring musician, maybe?

Can Kari fix it? Yes, she can!

I love seeing them share and ride things together.
Kari asked Noah to ride with her and he couldn't
climb into the fire truck fast enough!

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DisneyDina said...

More cute photos! We must make plans to get the kids together again soon. Frank is working on some playground modifications at our house, so maybe he'll finish those up soon so Kari can come play on that, since she wanted to get on it when you guys were here!


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