Monday, November 20, 2006

Papa and Nana's Visit

Papa and Nana came to visit a few weekends ago. They flew in on Friday night. Saturday ended up being an uncharacteristically warm November day. Kari and Noah enjoyed showing them the "playground".

Kari loves to swing, especially barefooted.

I love this picture of Noah. He looks so happy!

Not sure what Papa and Noah were looking at
down the road.

I love this shot of the house and Papa and Noah
on the front porch.

Saturday night we went to dinner at a local diner. Here are some shots as we waited for our dessert.

Poppy, Grammie and Kari pose for a picture.

Cody in his new Texas sweatshirt from Papa and Nana.

Close up shot of Josh.

Kari with an chocolate Italian icecream mustache and gotee.

When we got back to the house we celebrated Papa's birthday. It was on November 1.

On Sunday, it was rainy and cold outside, but
sunny and smiley inside.

Even though it was raining, Rick grilled pork
chops for lunch.

Nana made her amazing baked beans and.......

.....and delicious apple crisp!

Papa, Nana and Kari did a hidden picture puzzle
while they waited for lunch.

Here's a picture taken before Papa and Nana
headed to the airport.

It was a quick, but good visit. We all were so glad they were able to come and see us.

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