Saturday, November 25, 2006

Trip to the BSO

Kari's class went to the BSO before Thanksgiving break. We rode the lightrail into the city. Kari loved riding the "train". We saw a concert about opposites. Kari enjoyed the Tubby the Tuba story best. I think watching Little Einsteins helped Kari recongize some of the instruments and sounds. It was a neat field trip.

Waiting to ride the "train".

A picture of the orchestra before they said we
couldn't use flash photography. Oops!

Waiting for the concert to start.

The really big screws on the ceiling that Kari
thought were really cool.

The JM Symphony Hall.

A Jenni sandwich on the train on the way back
to the station.

Logan, Jenni and Kari thought it was cool to
look out and see the tracks.

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