Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanksgiving Pics

Things have been a bit out of whack and I completely forgot to post these pictures. I also have tree trimming pictures, photos of a Christmas delivery and Kari's Christmas program to post. I am such a slacker!

Sophie and Noah watching the Macy's parade.

Janie and Steve assemble some Rachel
Ray inspired hor d'euorves.

Trays of hor d'euorves to hold us over
until dinner.

Mom peeling potatoes to be mashed.

Pop's World Famous Candied Sweet Potatoes,
which I tried for the very first time.

Nicole and Dad pose before the meal.

Ashley and Kari ended up being in the only
two good shots of the kiddos that I took that
Day. There were 13 kiddos (at times 17 with
Tara's crew) here, you'd think I would have
gotten a few more good shots. I did take one
of Devin,Kaytlin and Victoria that Dev deleted
from the camera. Brat!

Thanksgiving was really nice this year, the first
time all of the sisters and families were together
ever. But, Mom-Mom and our Texas family was
sorely missed.

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