Saturday, December 16, 2006

Trimming the Tree

We trimmed the tree the day after Thanksgiving, so that Devin could decorate it with us before she went back to Texas. After Rick had to go out and buy new lights, he and Tara finished putting the tree together and stringing the lights. I made Josh go back into the crawl spaces to find the ornaments only to find out that they were already downstairs. Ugh. But, we had a good time.

A close-up of the tree and lights.

Josh putting an ornament on the
tree. I love the way the lights look.

I love this picture. Cody and Noah
putting an ornament on the tree.

Devin trimming the tree. Another great picture
of the cool lights.

Cody placing an ornament on the tree. Each
kiddo has a box of their own ornaments that
they hang first and then we hang the family

Noah in motion. He loved decorating, undecorating
and redecorating the tree.

Kari was very proud to hang her homemade
star ornament on the tree.

Rick joins in the tree trimming.

Devin, Kari and Noah pose for a picture after
an exhausting few hours of decorating.

A nighttime shot of the finished tree.

And a daytime shot.

I love the way the tree looks with all of the ornaments on it. It tells a story 35 years old with a few of Rick's childhood ornaments on the tree and all of the kiddos ornaments. Rick would love to have an angel top the tree, but indulges in my sentimental-ness and puts the star Josh and I used when we were a family of two. Christmas is definitely a holiday of stories for the Hall family.

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