Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thanksgiving @ the Pilkerton's

We were very thankful to Janie and Steve for hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. We really wanted to attend the church dinner and wasn't sure how we could do that and have dinner at our/Mom and Dad's house. They were very gracious hosts. Steve brothers and family joined us, too. It was so nice for the house to be full of family. And the food was incredible. Gary's sweet potato casserole and Rob P's hash brown casserole were two of our favorite dishes.

Cooking and hosting never looked so good

Janie and Steve did a fabulous job of setting the table. It was so elegant looking

Adult table

Kiddos' table

After dinner the adult men played Texas Hold 'Em, while the ladies played Scrabble. I think we have started an annual tradition.

We are so blessed with great extended family!

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