Monday, July 06, 2009

Not Me Monday Noah's Birthday Edition

After you are done reading through what I didn't do last week, check out MckMama's blog and my friend, Carlton's , too. MckMama started it all and Carlton's are just funny...when he writes them, that is.

I did not shave some blond hair off of my face. I am not now sure that I will have to have the area I shaved waxed on a regular basis.

I did not basically pee my pants at a friend's house the other day. This did not happen after I had just reprimanded N for having an accident. Fortunately for him, he had a change of clothes. I was not so lucky.

I did not pout when Rick said we could not get the ice cream bars that I had been looking for for over a month and had just found. I did not skip back to the aisle when he finally said that we could get them. I did not eat one on the way home.

I did not drop my kiddos off at a birthday party this week and then go to Starbuck's with my best friend from VA and get a smoothie.

I did not have two smoothies from Starbuck's within 3 days of each other.

I did not try a piece of Scrapple even though it was left out overnight and was not warmed it. It was not disgusting.

I did not have to sweep my 14 year old's bedroom rug before vacuuming it.

I did not have a milkshake at midnight the other day. I am doing stellar with my weight loss efforts and never snack late at night anymore.

I did not wake up early Sunday morning, thinking I was sweating, to realize that N had crawled into bed with us and I was actually wet from him having an accident.

I did not give birth to a beautiful baby boy 5 years ago today. Oh wait....yes, I did.

Happy Birthday, N! I love you up to the moon and I love you as big as the sky.

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