Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday Kiddo Edition

This edition of Not Me Monday started by the McFabulous MckMama is all about the kiddos. Just so you know.....N is 5 years old, K is 7 year's old and J is 18 year's old.

N did not run around the house naked, freaking out one of K's friends.

N did not poop in the pool while we had friends over swimming.

N did not tell us that "This is the song where I fell in love with Hannah" while we where were listening to Made to Love by Toby Mac.

N and K did not eat $14 worth of raspberries in 24 hours.

K did not get cold pizza for her and Noah for breakfast on Saturday morning.

K did not say 'whatever' when I told her to sit in time out for being disrespectful to me.

N did not pee in the front yard and when reprimanded tell Rick that he did it because Rick told him not to come back in the house, but to play outside for a while.

J did not skip his GED test to go to the ocean with his girlfriend.

What did your kiddos not do?

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