Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blizzard in Numbers

49.5 - The number of inches of snow we received in the last 6 days.

View down the street

Backyard view - There is a pool in there somewhere!

Oh there's the diving board...sort of

44 - The number of points I am allotted a day for WW. I have been using them pretty much every day. Blizzards make me hungry.

35 - The number of weekly WW Flex points I am allowed per week. I still have 17 pints left which is a miracle considering how much I have wanted to munch this week.

20 - The number of minutes it takes to dress the kiddos in their snow gear.

19 - The number of minutes the kiddos want to spend out in the snow.

Kari and Noah out in the snow

9 - The time of day we have been waking up in the morning.

And then it is all about the TV and the cartoons!

7 - The number of dinners I have not had to fix in the last week.

2 - The number of walls painted in the kiddos' room.

0 - The number of days of school the kiddos have attended this week.

Zero is also the amount of sanity I have left. We have been painting and trying to organize the kiddos' room and there is so much stuff that has to be thrown away and donated and I just want to get it out of the house! Not to mention we still need to buy another bed for the room. I will be glad when this snow is gone enough for us to be able to get out and be able to finish this project!

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