Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Been A While.....

When I last updated several feet of snow covered the ground. Now, a month later we are in the midst of several days of rain. Heavy rain and cold wind. If it were snow we'd have another foot or two on the ground. I do not mind the rain so much.

Well, after the Snowcalypse the kiddos returned to school on February 17. It was a long time for them to have off of school. We were all ready to go back.

Cody and Kari both did very well on their report cards. Cody brought up all of the grades in the classes he was doing poorly in and passed everything. Kari made honor roll again and had perfect attendance. Noah only gets a report card in the fall and in the spring, but has been doing well, He amazes us with his reading and learning to spell new words.

Devin is still in Fredrick looking for a job and hoping to start college in the fall.

Ashley's baby shower was last weekend and she and Josh got a lot of the things they need for the baby. May will be here before we know it!

Rick is gearing up for pool season and will be working with his friend, Scott this year, not just maintaining the website, but also going on sales calls. After the horrendous amount of snow we had I am praying that a lot of people celebrate the warm weather with a new pool.

I am doing some volunteering at church right now, compiling the recipes from our Top Chef competition to make a cookbook. It has been a lot of fun, but makes me very hungry at times.

Rick and I started WW in February right before the Snowcalypse and have both lost weight. I am down 10 lbs. and Rick has lost 20. We are going to be smoking hot in no time. Maybe a beach trip is in order for our 10th anniversary.

I am so glad it is getting warmer out now, as I am looking forward to walking to school with the kiddos and teaching them how to ride their bikes. I also can not wait to go camping this year. Rick bought fishing poles for the kiddos and they are looking forward to actually catching some fish. We went the other day (I will post pics soon) and they did not catch anything. But, they are doing so well casting and reeling their lines in.

We may even get a trampoline for the kiddos (they fell in love with the Wyatts' trampoline last week) and can not wait for the pool to be open. I may even enjoy being in a swimsuit this year.

What have y'all been up to lately?

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