Thursday, May 13, 2010


Kaysen Jace, born 5/8/10 at 5:22 AM, weighing in at 5 lbs. 11.2 oz., stretching out to 18 3/4 inches long.

When Ashley went in for a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment on April 30, the doctor told her she was measuring a bit small and scheduled a sonogram for May 3. The sonogram revealed that Kaysen's right kidney was severely enlarged, so they scheduled another sonogram for May 6. That sonogram revealed that the right kidney was continuing to enlarge and that the left kidney was now starting to swell.

Ashley was admitted to the hospital the night of May 6 to induce labor. After 12 hours of being on medicine to soften her cervix, nothing had changed and she was not progressing on her own. The doctor decided to give her one more round of Cervidil, which kicked back the time they could start giving her Pitocin 12 hours.

By Friday evening she was still dilated to 1, so the doctor decided to try another method. It worked and she moved to a 3, had her water broken and received an epidural.

She texted us at 3:30 AM Saturday morning to tell us to come to the hospital. By 4 AM she was at a 6, progressing to a 9 by 5 AM. She pushed for 7 minutes and Kaysen arrived at 5:22 AM!!

Daddy, Momma and Kaysen

Daddy and Kaysen

Aunt Kari with Kaysen (Noah was sick, so couldn't visit him in the hospital. We found out on Monday he had strep! Yikes!!)

Chilling at home with Momma. I love his smirky smile =)

A sonogram conducted on Saturday showed no sign of Kaysen's kidneys being enlarged. He was given a clean bill of health and released from the hospital on Monday.

His names mean "healer" and we know the Great Physician allowed this little miracle to be healed!!

We are so thankful that he is here and part of our family.

In case you are wondering, I am being called Mo-Mo and Rick is Granddad. Kari and Noah are still shocked that they could be an aunt and an uncle. Cody is still shocked that Josh is a Daddy. LOL

In other news, Cody and Kari did fabulous on their most recent report cards and Noah continues to amaze us with his reading (his spring conference is scheduled for May 27). Devin is currently on her way to Minnesota for a friend's wedding. She is officially dating Brandon and still works for Black Hog BBQ and is saving for school and a car.

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