Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easter Day - 2010

As is tradition we dyed eggs on Saturday night. It was neat to see the kiddos dyeing the eggs themselves this year. We dyed four dozen and the kiddos loved writing everyone's names on them. Even though we forgot to pass them out to everyone. Oops! We also dyed a dozen for Grammie's church's egg hunt.

Noah dyeing eggs


Kari tries her hand at dyeing some

The end results

Easter Morning

Don't you love how the Peeps are color coordinated with the grass??

All ready for church

The Pilkertons came down for dinner and an egg hunt.
Victoria and Cody were big helpers with hiding the eggs.  

And very creative, too!

And Easter is not complete unless you have painted your lips with a Robin Egg!!
Anybody want a kiss??

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