Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shredding Decades

When we moved into my parents' house four years ago we kept much of their furniture upstairs while they moved things into the basement apartment.

The bedrooms house mostly our furniture, but the living room and dining room still inhabit my parents' furniture.

One piece of furniture that my parents have had for years is an antique fold down desk. When I was younger it was in the dining room with other pieces that matched it's green stain. Now it is the remaining piece. My parents have always used it to house bills, bank statements and other substantial paperwork. It also held film to be developed, coin roll papers and greeting cards that had been received.

I have been going through the desk this week and shredding old documents so we can start using it for our important papers. We do not have an office or desk and we are continually being buried under mail and correspondence.

Today I have spent the majority of my time shredding old checks.....from as far back as 1981. Yes, you read that right. Nineteen eighty one. 29 year old checks, folks. 29 years.

I have just three more stacks of papers and checks to shred and I can not wait until I am done! I have recruited Noah's help and he is loving it.

I am glad because I am so over shredding yellowed papers and checks written to companies that no longer exist.


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