Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Last Few Months

I am so behind on the blog. I tried to upload some pictures for an Easter post, but none of the pictures downloaded correctly, I got frustrated and deleted the post. Sigh.

We had a delightful Easter, though. We went to the Pilkertons and had dinner and an egg hunt. We were able to take Kaysen with us and he was so good. He flirted with Karis, took a nap and made faces at the chickens. It was so nice to spend time with family and friends.

Kaysen turned 1 on Mother's Day this year. We had a SpongeBob party for him, complete with jellyfish balloons and a homemade cake. He was so intrigued with the cake and did really well eating it. It was so neat to see him having fun with the kiddos and family that came.

Rick turned 40 in May and Devin turned 20. We didn't celebrate until Devin came to visit in June to have lunch and swim with the kiddos.

Kari turned 9 in June and went to Dave and Buster's with a few friends to have lunch and play games. We were gifted a free hour of bowling, too. The girls had a lot of fun picking out their prizes and Noah didn't mind being the only boy. Rick made an incredible owl cake per Kari's request. It was delicious!  

School ended on June 14 and we started to make final plans for Cody to move to TX to live with his mom. He will be completing his junior and senior years of high school at Marcus High School in Flower Mound. We are praying that this is a easy transition for him and that he does well.

After Cody left for TX we have been spending a lot of time purging, cleaning and switching around the bedrooms, giving Kari and Noah their own rooms with Rick and me taking over the attic bedroom. Once everything is completed it is going to be so nice for all of us to have more space.      

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the 4th of July on a boat at the Inner Harbor. Rick is DJing on a cruise ship and we get to tag along with him. Kari and Noah are really excited. They enjoyed being able to swim and watch fireworks today, so shouldn't mind hanging out downtown tomorrow.

I just realized that we took a lot of pictures on Field Day, which took place on Rick's birthday, but I will have to post those later.

It's bedtime for me or I might fall asleep on the boat tomorrow!

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