Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Rest of July

After we got back from house sitting for the Pilkertons, we had to deal with Josh's jaw surgery. Thankfully, he did not have to have his jaw wired shut. They were able to put a plate and screws in to secure his jaw so it could heal properly. His recovery time was also considerably less - 2-3 weeks versus 6-8 weeks. He came through the surgery well and has minimal soreness. He is still eating soft foods, but should be back to complete health by next week.

We finally got all of Cody's boxes shipped and have the kiddos' rooms almost completely set up and functional. I still have to work on switching the closets around, but they finally have bedding and decor on the walls. I am so thankful that we had mostly everything we needed for Kari's room. We are still waiting on curtains for both rooms and some more decor for Noah's room. They love having their own space and seem to be sleeping better.

Our bedroom still needs some work and the biggest problem right now is getting the bathroom operable. Once we get the toilet fixed, we can paint and set everything up in there. It will be nice to have another bathroom (or toilet, at least) since we all seem to need to be in the bathroom at the exact same time, especially in the morning. Plus, I will appreciate not having to run all the way downstairs to pee in the middle of the night.    

The kiddos finished up a week of marathon VBS last week. They attended our church's VBS in the morning and another church's VBS at night. They thoroughly enjoyed both and it gave Rick and me a chance to have some alone time together. We especially enjoyed being able to have dinner on Thursday night to celebrate our 11th anniversary. The kiddos were in the musical production on Friday night, but Kari requested that we not videotape her performance. I think Rick did get a few pictures, though.

This week we are having a few swim play dates now that the weather has cooled off a bit. It was in the 100s every day last week and we didn't have any AC in the van and Rick's car was in the shop. His car is still not fixed, but the van's AC got fixed today. Thank you, Jesus!

We are planning to be in VA for a bit next week and are looking forward to spending time at Holly's, the beach and with the Lamarres. We were hoping to make it to SC to see the Hersheys this summer as well, but are probably going to have to postpone that trip.

I can not believe that school starts in less than a month! This summer has really flown by!  

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