Saturday, September 03, 2011


Well, we all survived the hurricane last weekend. In fact, we fared really well, with minimal damage to our fence (a weak part blew over) and some down branches in the back yard. We never lost power and thanks to Rick's porch sweeping at 15 minute intervals from 1 AM - 4 AM we didn't have any flooding in the basement apartment.

We ended up with two days off earlier in the week due to the school system being shut down and some flooding and power outages in the southern part of the county. It was a nice break even though school had just started. We went bike riding and enjoyed the cooler weather.

Now, we are at the beginning of a 3 day weekend and it is raining. Kari and Noah just got out of a much needed time out and are playing LPS in the living room. They certainly have more than enough room in their bedrooms to play in there, but I kind of like them playing in the middle of the living room. Gives me a bit more time before I have to vacuum.

Rick is at a wedding today, as an assistant DJ. He really enjoys DJing and can not wait to get his own gigs. But, assisting is just as nice for him. I love seeing him all decked out in his tuxedo. He is so handsome. I am so blessed.

I love that the TV is off and all I can hear is praise and worship music and the kiddos playing.

I am blessed.        

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