Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple and Raspberry Picking -September 24, 2011

We took the kiddos to Larriland Farm in Woodbine, MD on Saturday. Many apple trees were ripe and ready for picking. Kari and Noah chose Golden Delicious, Empire and Marigold apples.

After we picked the apples we started picking red raspberries. It took us several hours to pick enough for jam and raspberry applesauce. It was a fun, sticky activity!   

We also saw some really cool butterflies while we were at the farm. 

And some other odd animals, too. Including some fake Canadian geese and this fellow..... 

We had a great time! Rick has prepared all of the raspberries we'll need for the jam and he made some delicious raspberry apple crisp last night for dessert. We can not wait to go back later next month to pick some Granny Smith apples for apple pies!


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