Monday, October 10, 2011

As Normal as Life Gets

So, we have been back into the full swing of school, work and life mode for a few months now. It is nice to be on a schedule and have more things planned out, but I miss the unpredictability of summer and the sleeping in. I really miss the sleeping in.

Along with the regular everyday school stuff, Kari is taking violin lessons again and has joined the chorus at school. She is also in an afternoon art club once a week and attending Weigh Smart classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. She is doing so well with her grades and extracurricular activities, but opted out of chess club and Good News club for this semester. I love her motivation and drive and am so proud of her growth and maturity. She even shaved her legs for the first time last night. I almost cried.

Noah is doing well in school, although he would rather skip his reading homework. He is in a before school reading club, though which thrills me that even though he will not  read at home very often he will go to school early to read with his friends. He also just lost another tooth. He doesn't like to have them pulled out so he waits until they are barely hanging on to let us even see or touch it. He will leave his tooth for the tooth fairy but always requests that she leave his tooth for him to keep. I asked him what he was planning to do with the four he has lost and kept and he said hang them in a frame on the wall. I hope I can persuade him otherwise. Noah also joined Cub Scouts and loves that Rick is his den leader.

Cody is doing well in school and just got a job at a Halloween store. He should start driver's ed in a few weeks and will be coming to MD to visit at Christmas time.

Rick is still assisting an eighth grade student with Asperger's. He enjoys helping with some of the other special needs students as well. And he is plugging along with his degree. He hopes to be done by the fall of 2013. He has also been assisting for a friend of his that is a DJ on the weekends. He is hoping to be able to start doing some solo gigs after the first of the year. Since he won a regional poker tournament last season he is looking forward to going to Vegas the first weekend of November for the Tournament of Champions. If he wins there, he could go on to the World Series of Poker!    

I am so thankful to be working at the same school again this year. The student I work with has a lot of academic needs, especially in the area of reading. I am conducting a special course with him and love to see him read and retain the words we are learning. I am currently studying for my Praxis I test which will allow me to get my state certification once it is complete. I would love to be teaching full time soon. Although, I am a bit anxious about returning to teaching full time I miss it. So much as changed and I am nervous about being part of public school education, but know God is preparing the right class for me.          

Here are just a few random pictures from life lately......

Love spending weekend with my grandson, Kaysen!
This two make my heart smile! 

They love to help bake and cook!

She loves having her hair straightened (and yes, she has a baby chick on her shoulder. 
One of my sister, Janie's pets!).

 Love that she loves wearing skirts now! 
 He could be a model! 
He's a tough guy, but loves his bubble baths!

 Sophie and Kari on Labor Day weekend. 
They love spending time with their cousins!
 Karis is such a cutie! 
 Losing his tooth makes him a little crazy!
 Noah is so excited to be a Wolf Scout!
When the guys are at Scouts, Kari and I watch movies and get pedicures. 
 Love this boy to pieces!
 Keeping track of our steps and trying to get 5,000 a day! 
 Rick has been making jam, too - raspberry and strawberry!
 Like father, like son!
 New 'do
 Puppy dog
One of our new breakfast favorites - oatmeal! 
This bowl as maple syrup, brown sugar and apple slices.


Jenn said...

Love the pictures, you have such a cute family!

I miss summer, too. But my days were MORE predictable in the summer, having the kids in school actually makes things more chaotic around here. I need every day to be the same, haha.

I have panic attacks when I think about Boo shaving her legs. I wish I could keep her 4 forever.

Does Kari like violin? I took it when I was around her age and loved it.

Riley does the same thing with his teeth! I always ask what he will do with them, but he hasn't come up with anything as clever as framing! haha

Sorry it has taken me so long to get caught up! xoxo

Jenn said...

That Jenn is me (theflyingrat, by the way! :)


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