Friday, February 01, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Afraid

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I remember being so afraid of the dark when I was younger. My parents wouldn't let me have a night light in my room because I shared it with my two sisters and they were not afraid of the dark. So, my mom would leave the bathroom light on and I would stare into the hallway until I fell asleep. My younger sister was afraid of thunderstorms and during them I would dangle my hand down off the side of the bunk bed and hold her hand until she fell asleep. It was always comforting to know that I was able to comfort her. It made me less afraid of the dark and stormy nights.

I grew out of being afraid of the dark and my sister grew to love thunderstorms, but now I am afraid of darker places and different kinds of storms.

I long for the days of sharing a room with my sisters with my parents just down the hall and the hallway being lit by the glow from the bathroom. And what I wouldn't do to hold my sister's hand through some of the recent trials of my life. Why did I ever wish those times away?

But, I do have someone else to Light my way and hold my hand. And He does. I just have to trust Him.


Jacque @ Mercy Found Me said...

Beautiful...I loved reading of such sweet memories...may I not wish the sweet moments away and I'm joining you in trusting Him in all things! Blessings to you :)

Laura Wells said...

I love your memories. They are sweet. I hope you will be able to create such memories in your family and that I will too. I hope my girls hold hands when they are afraid-for their entire life!

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