Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Desires of My Heart

When Rick and I got married we had two cars that fit our new family of five, but if we added to our brood or if our kiddos grew (ha, ha), we would need more room. So, we went out and purchased a van that allowed our kiddos to spread out, us to add to our crew and me to haul around my day care kiddos for a few years before Noah arrived. It was the perfect van for us and served us well for 12 years.

As the time to look for a new vehicle grew closer, I really felt like a Honda Pilot was the way to go for our family. I wanted to get away from a mini van, but have a third row option for when we had the grandkiddos. My sisters both have Pilots, so I was pretty set on finding one and making it work for our family. Although, in the back of my mind, in the secret places of my heart, I really wanted a Chevy Traverse. Friends of ours had purchased one a few years earlier and I loved the look of it, the third row option and I just wanted one. But, I figured we could never afford one, so a Honda Pilot it was!

Rick decided that January 2014 was the perfect time for us to purchase a 'new to us' vehicle, so the search started on MLK's birthday while we had the day off from school/work. Some dealerships were having a few deals and we had a trade in and nice down payment, so off we went. We looked at several vehicles, including a Honda Pilot, but got settled on an MDX. Unfortunately, the financing was not working out, so we had to start the search all over near the end of the business day and with the possibility of a significant snow storm looming.

We ended up at a dealership that had a Town and County minivan that was exactly like the one we borrowed from friends' for our 2009 trip to TX. It had a lot more bells and whistles and was in our price range.   

But, when I drove it, it felt weird. I couldn't quite explain it, but it was not the car I thought our family needed.

Then the salesman told us a Chevy Traverse had just been brought in and had not even been processed yet, but we could test drive it and if we felt like it would work for us, he would make it happen.

As soon as I drove the car, I knew it was what we needed and what we wanted. I loved everything about it, even though it is not brand new, nor full of extras (I really wanted heated leather seats), but it is perfect for us.

And this week, as I contemplated how very differently my life has turned out since marrying Rick and blending our families, I was reminded that God does know and remembers our secret heart's desires, even in something so trivial as a car.

And I know that those other desires He planted will bloom when He determines that it is time and I am ready.

God is so BIG even in the little details of our lives. So in awe of that today.   

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