Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like.....

Since Rick and I have been married we have always put up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. Normally, we decorate on the weekend following the November holiday. I have always liked waiting until after Thanksgiving, feeling like each holiday deserved its own special attention. I hate that stores start decorating and commercials for Christmas start running right after Halloween. So, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we'd trim the tree and hang the stockings.

But, once the grandkiddos started arriving it became a bit stressful to host 2nd Thanksgiving and try to decorate all in one weekend. We normally go to my sister's for Thanksgiving Day, so we have a second Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday to be able to spend the holiday with Kaysen and Kiyah since they are with their Momma's family on Thursday.

Noah wanted to start listening to Christmas music as soon as Halloween was over in October. He couldn't wait until Hallmark Channel started running their Christmas movies and he was not sure why we had to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. I tried to explain to him that we always wait until after Thanksgiving to start any sort of Christmas festivities. He didn't really see my reasoning, so I obliged as far as the movies went, but insisted we wait to decorate.

We had plans to visit Devin in PA today for pre-Thanksgiving dinner, but some surprise snow changed that for us. So, today became the perfect day to trim the tree and decorate the rest of the house.

I am actually gald we did it today because now there will be no rushing this weekend. We can enjoy dinner and time with the grandkiddos.

And we are watching Elf while packing and cooking in preparation for tomorrow.

Traditions can always change.    

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