Monday, August 21, 2006

A Much Needed Update.....

Well, we made it safely to Maryland on August 4. Our trip was a bit longer than we planned since we left later than we anticipated. But, such is a trip with kiddos and a mother in law.

We did not run into any inclement weather like we expected. Apparently, the weather in MD and TX was pretty hot, but being in the air conditioned vehicles it didn't affect us at all.

We were able to stay at hotels that had adjoining rooms and continentional breakfasts, which was really nice. The last night we needed to find a hotel, it took us several hours to find vacant rooms. Rick had to maneuver the moving truck with the van on a trailer in several tight spots as we scouted out a potential sleeping place. We stayed on the second floor and had to take the stairs to our rooms.

When we were packed and ready to leave the next day, I ended up getting hit in the head with a suitcase and then Noah fell down the stairs! Luckily, we were both alright and we were only 6 hours from "home". We stopped in Roanoke, VA and Cody was able to have lunch with Grandma Feather.

The last leg of the trip was very uneventful and by 8 PM we were home. We promptly ordered cheese steak subs, fries and brown gravy and had snowballs after dinner.

Things at my parents' house are not exactly like we thought they'd be - we've ended up having more of their things to move before we can completely unpack, so things are going slow in that area. I still can't find our coffee maker! But, we should have everything organized before Josh and Cody start school.

Josh is registered and starts on August 30. He is not very excited about having to be in class by 7:15 AM, but is looking forward to being home by 2 PM. He is waiting to play sports until basketball season. Right now he is occupying his time by sleeping in and swimming.

Cody goes to register on Wednesday and is a bit anxious about going to a new school. His first day is August 28. He is playing football for the Apaches and has had 5 days a week practices with scrimmages on Saturdays. Yesterday he had to weigh in. Luckily, his weight class in 105 and under. He made it in at 79 lbs.! He tackled his coach the other day and is looking forward to playing defense. His teammates call him Tex.

We found a preschool for Kari. She will go to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 - 2:30 PM at a church school Tara's kiddos attended. We would have liked an AM class, but are glad that she will be going to school. She is very excited about starting school and can't wait to see her new school and new teacher.

Noah is enjoying the playground in my parents' yard and wants to go out and play as soon as breakfast is finished. He hasn't been feeling well the last few days and may have an ear infection or getting his molars. He has been waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping with us a lot lately. He like playing with Harrison, too and thinks he is a riding dog. Harrison tolerates this for now, but doesn't seem too impressed with Noah and Kari.

Rick is adjusting to working with my Dad and having a different schedule. He gets home between 7-7:30 PM and ends up rushing up to the field to catch the end of Cody's practices. After he eats and spends a bit of time with the kiddos he gets on line to unwind and keep up with the Vikings and other sport teams. He has not been able to spend as much time on web design lately, but hopes to get back to that once he gets his sales license and has a more traditional schedule. He realizes that he enjoys sales much more than office work.

I have not been doing much with Pampered Chef yet, as I still have some things to unpack and organize. I have two shows from last month that I need to wrap up and may be heading to a meeting tonight. I have a new director in the area now and need to meet her and her team as soon as I can. Nicole has a friend in DE that is moving to NY and I may be taking over her scheduled shows. Right now traveling an hour or so for a show doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'd like to get the house completely in order before I start doing shows on a regular basis though, so we will see. Rick will not be able to attend the shows like he did in TX so that may change things a bit, too. But, I know that the Lord allowed me to start my business and He will sustain it.

Devin seems to be enjoying school so far (although, it's only been a week) and said that it has been hot in TX. She is planning a visit at Thanksgiving and we are counting the days until she comes. Kari and Noah definitely miss their DeDe.

Well, that's pretty much our update on things so far. We are still looking for a church (we stayed with the Lamarres on Saturday and visited their church on Sunday. We enjoyed it, but it is an hour away. We'd like a place closer to home.) and would appreciate your prayers. We have several prospective places that we will be visiting. We are hoping to get together with the Whites this weekend. It will be good to see some familiar faces.

We love and miss our TX family and friends, but do not miss the weather. I do not think we have been past 89 in the last week. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the evening breeze has been priceless.

Just hope the winter is just as mild =)

We'll post some pictures of our trip and the new abode soon!


rosey said...

Marlen, So glad to hear that you all made it okay. Hope we will see sometime in the near future. Danae is doing well @ school, but missing everyone back home real bad. I am hoping & praying she will come home by winter break. David seems to like being the big guy on campus (8th graders). Just like you I am still trying to get our home in order. Miss you all very much thought of you on Scrapbooking night. Love you all!

lcdances said...

Glad to hear your trip went well. Devin added me as a friend on MySpace so I have commented her a couple times and let her know she's not forgotten. I miss Kari dancing in the back at church. Hope you find a place that we let the little ones participate in praise and worship. We miss having you at scrapbooking. Rachelle and I are limping along. I keep hoping someone will join us. This week is Bunko - you'll be missed there too.
God bless you as you adjust to your new environment. I know you will bloom where He has planted you.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...