Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Scrimmage

Cody had a pre-season scrimmage today against a team of players that all weighed 120 lbs. And their quarterback was a girl!

The score was 24-12 in favor of the other team, but Cody's team played well. He is still nursing a sore heel (he jumped into the shallow end of the pool on Tuesday and jammed it pretty bad) but, played defense for most of the game. The coach let him rest it for one quarter. Rick gave him some Advil that kicked in pretty quickly and Cody said it helped a lot.

He had a really great tackle near the end of the game, but the announcer couldn't find his name because he had his practice jersey and number on instead of his game jersey. Rick had to yell his name up to the booth. He's number 9 and his teammates call him Tex.

Last night at practice, there was a fight between a Mom and a coach. Apparently, they were arguing and she sucker-punched him! I think her son was asked to leave the team after that happened.

I guess they do take football more seriously in MD than I thought!

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