Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Place to Worship

We visited a new church today. My friend, Donna attends this church and so does a family from the school I taught at six years ago.

The church has two services on Sunday - 9 AM and 10:30 AM. We went to the later service and were actually on time! It was a bit congested arriving during a change over, but the greeters were very friendly and welcoming.

Donna met us in the foyer and showed us where to take Kari and Noah. Noah was a bit apprehensive at first, but Kari went right to her class.

The worship part of the service was very upbeat, but we didn't know any of the songs except one. When you are used to singing and such during praise and worship it is a bit disappointing. But, they had a very talented praise team and worship leader.

We were very impressed by the way they greeted and ministered to the visitors. We were given a welcome packet and CD of the pastor's sermon during the meet and greet time. They had a special area of the foyer designated to meet the visitors. It had coffee, juice and sweets.

The message was the last of a series of messages on the prayer of Jabez called "Temptation Island". It was an informative, encouraging message.

After being home from the service for 15 minutes or so a group of girls stopped by to drop off some cookies as a "Thank You for Visiting" from the church. That was really neat.

They have youth group on Wednesday night, so we may try to get the boys there since they did not have a seperate class for them today. I am sure Cody and Josh were bummed about having to sit with Mom and Dad.

Kari's take home sheet was from the same curriculum we used at Living Hope, which was encouraging. Noah's "number" from the nursery never flashed on the screen in the sanctuary, so he must have had a good time.

We will be visiting another church next week and are praying about finding a church home. It is actually a bit odd for us to not have a church home and the task seems a bit harder than we expected.

Now it's time for naps and such. Cody and Josh still need some school supplies and Cody needs a haircut. I can't believe school starts tomorrow!

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