Saturday, June 21, 2008

Homeschool Co-Op Zoo Trip 2008

We went to the National Zoo at the end of May for our monthly field trip. We took Kari out of school so she could go with us. It was a great day - not too hot, breezy and sunny. Rick even got to go! We had a fabulous time!

Baby elephant

Eating some straw

Walking down the hill

I love this picture of the panda. We had great views of the pandas!

Say What, Emu?

Zebra behinds

Chester Cheetah

Graceful gazelles

Taking a dance break after lunch

Hip, hip, hip, hippopotamus. Hip, hip, hooray God made all of us!

Boy rides bear

Even after three attempts, we never quite got everyone to look at the camera.

These spiders were not in an enclosed case. We were told once they make their webs, they do not leave them, so there is no reason to close them in a case.

The lioness was growling loudly and the lion was no where in sight. Guess male lions have selective hearing, too!

A little shy, a little sassy (don't you love the wrap?)

Pouty face

Prairie Dawgs

Faith - Cheesing for the camera

I always take a side shot of Rick while he is driving when we take a trip, so here is the usual shot. But, I added another one....

Leaving the zoo, traveling through Chevy Chase, MD

Do you still get a ticket if you can't really see the No Parking sign?

My lame attempts of trying to get a few shots of some of the homes I love in Chevy Chase, MD

This is what Kari and Noah (and Hannah) look like after a long day at the zoo

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