Monday, June 23, 2008

Kari's Kindergarten Graduation 2008

Kari's class had a small graduation program on May 30. They walked into the classroom to Pomp and Circumstance, performed several songs and were given their 'diplomas'. We had cookies and juice afterward the program. Then we went to CEC for lunch - Kari's choice!

Ready for the program to start

Walking in to Pomp and Circumstance

Singing "Rise and Shine"

Singing "Let Me Tell You How I Feel"

Singing "The World is a Rainbow"

Kari and Mrs. Appel

Kari, Daddy and her 'diploma'

Kari, Corinthia and Miss Rachel, Kari's class' student intern

Kari and Mrs. Appel.....again.

Kari and Akeem (with Noah close by)

At CEC -

Riding the fire truck

Squirt gun races (nice visitor's tag, eh?)


Playing skeeball

Pizza - YUM!

A DDR challenge - Rick always wins!

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