Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watkins Park 2008

We went to Watkins Park for playgroup a few weeks ago. The Pilkerton kiddos were staying with Grammie, so we invited them along for the trip. We had a really great time and the weather was perfect!

We rode the carousel first.....

Ashley and the Ostrich

Group shot

Riley and Grammie


Noah and Sophie

Kari (she opted to sit on a non-moving bench since the carousel makes her sick?!)

Sophie and the Rabbit

Reflections of Ashley

After we rode the carousel, we went for a train ride.....

Hannah and Kari

Riley and Grammie

Nathan, Heather and Faith

Sophia and Noah

Me and Josiah - we sat on the last row of seats, facing backwards for the.whole.ride.

Leaving the station.....

The picture's a bit blurry, but can you find the tree person??

Baa Ram Mew (5 points if you get the movie reference)

When the kiddos saw this cow, Hannah exclaimed "That's a lot of steak!"

Train tracks!

After we rode the train, we went to the farm.....

He may feel soft and furry, but look at his eee-vil eyes!


This is some pig...some BIG pig!

Tom and his friend

Ducks, geese and swans!

Is your momma a llama?


The peacocks were chasing each other around their pen. There was only one hen in the whole bunch and she was running from the peacocks the whole time.

Sitting pretty on the swings

Josiah and Ashley loved the zipline

Riley runs across the dangling bridge

The bumpy slide was a big hit!

Noah rides the turtle

Even though Grammie fell and had a busted lip and knee, she still was able to ride down the slide!

Here's a video from on the carousel.....

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