Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Me Monday Tuesday Edition

I did not totally forget that yesterday was Monday, let alone remember that it was Not Me Monday posting time.

I did not eat two puffs of cotton candy because my daughters do not like cotton candy. I do not not like cotton candy either.

I did not go to bed last night at 9 PM and then actually fall asleep at 12 AM.

I did not pay extra for my van handle to be fixed to have it not work hours after leaving the shop.

I did not ask my husband to get me coffee this morning so I would not be late and arrive late to preschool co-op anyway.

I did not do the Snoopy dance when I realized I beat my 14 year old's record on the Wii Fit in the Ski Jump.

I did not buy extra strength Febreeze in hopes that it would help the couch cushions not smell like butt anymore.

I did not have Chick-Fil-A for dinner two nights in a row. But, if I did I would not have gotten a kiddos' meal just so I could trade the toy in for an icecream cone.

Nope. Not me.

MckMama did not post this Monday, due to Stellan being in the hospital. Please pray for baby Stellan and the whole MckMama family. Not sure why Carlton didn't post, though.....

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