Monday, March 02, 2009

Not Me Monday 23rd Edition

I did not ask my husband to say he had passed gas in the church office if someone came into the office when it was really me.

I did not stay in the bedroom watching Brothers and Sisters during Family Night because I had a headache and did not want to deal with the kiddos' loudness while they played the Wii.

I did not sneak out of the house Friday night under the guise of needing to take Rick to the bank and then get Frappucinos from Starbucks.

I did not eat two donuts for breakfast and not eat anything for lunch because I was still full.

I did not let the 6 year old wear flip flops to a party on Saturday and insist on painting her toe nails first.

I did not laugh hysterically when the 4 year old did his kung fu on a friend of Devin's and kicked him square in the groin.

I did not sleep in until 10 AM this morning and let Rick get up with the kiddos and go out to play in the snow with them since I hurt my back from sneezing yesterday.

What didn't you do??

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Claire said...

Hahahahahahaha! Oh number 1 mae me laugh and laugh!



I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...