Sunday, April 01, 2012

Time Flies When You Forget to Post

I always intend to update at least weekly, if not once a month and then a month or two passes and I am frustrated with myself that I have forgotten to blog.

Well, January brought about Cody's birthday, lost teeth for Noah and finally finishing up a project in the kiddos' bedrooms. Cody is still in TX and celebrated his birthday there, not accepting any calls from us or the kiddos, but he did accept the birthday gift we sent. Noah lost both front teeth and was a bit unnerved about it.

And he always writes the tooth fairy a letter asking that she leave his teeth and the cash. LOL He is so creative!

When we switched the kiddos rooms, we talked about painting their names on their walls. We finally finished and it only took 6 months!

In February, Kari participated in a clusterwide classical music festival with local elementary, middle and high school students. It was an all day event and she did great!

The kiddos also started swimming lessons in February. It was an experience for them as they are just used to freestyle swimming and they were learning strokes and specifics. But, they loved it and on the last class Noah even conquered his fear and went down the giant slide.

Kari also had an awards assembly for receiving Principal's Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance for the second quarter.

Noah's Blue and Gold Banquet was on February 25. He received his Wolf badge. Rob and Jane White even came down for the banquet. 

And to round out the month, Rick sold the Cruiser and bought a red 2000 Mustang convertible with tan interior. He definitely tapped into his midlife crisis and got a sportscar!

In March, the kiddos had Spirit Week to usher in MSA testing. One of their favorite days was A Day at the Grammys. They looked really sharp.

We also celebrated Josh's 21st birthday. I made a mint chocolate chip icecream cake and Kaysen and Ashley hung out for the day.

Kaysen came over another day when it was really warm and enjoyed blowing bubbles. He also blew kisses to all of us and just loved being out in the yard.

I took a leap of faith and love and dyed my hair red a few weeks ago. Rick loves it and I really like it, too. Definitely fun to take a chance and do something you are afraid of doing.

And yesterday, we ended the month with Noah's Pinewood Derby and I got to attend the Women of Faith's One Day Event in Baltimore. I got to hear Patsy Clairmont and Andy Andrews speak again and Angie Smith for the first time. I even got Angie to sign my book and take a picture with me. It was a long, good day.

This week we are on Spring Break and are looking forward to going to DC, swimming at the aquatic center and maybe even doing some painting in the living room and dining room and pulling up the old carpet. We'll see if we get anything domestic done, though. 

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