Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome Kiyah

Still working through the comments from my UBP12 post and am excited about adding some blogs to my linky love tab. I didn't get to check out as many blogs as I wanted to last week as I was in the midst of baby shower preparation. I was so honored to host the shower for my granddaughter's beautiful momma. My sister, who is an amazing photographer took pictures during the shower, while I snapped a few of the preparations. I had so much fun decorating and making the food. It ended up being one of my all time favorite parties to plan and host. I may even have a few parties in the works. If it ended up being a side business I would be thrilled!

A lot of the ideas I had for decorating came from pins I pinned on Pinterest. I especially love the duct tape around the water bottles. So easy, cheap and fun! My kiddos have loved taking the extra bottles to school this week. 

I have not been feeling well since the shower, so I have been heading to bed early. I am just trying to get through the work week and make it to Saturday, so I can take the math portion of the Praxis I test. It will be my first step to getting closer to my state certification. I am a bit nervous about the test, but looking forward to being finished with it.

Then it will be time to wait for Kiyah to be here and for Kaysen's 2nd birthday. I am not planning on throwing him a party, but would definitely be willing to help if Ashley asked me. I love me some party planning! 

I am hoping to get to everyone's blogs that left me a comment last week. Thanks for visiting and come back when you can. I have not been too good with updating daily, but am going to try to be better. Hope to see you back soon =)


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