Friday, January 11, 2013

Dive - Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Fridays are back!! Join me in taking five minutes to write about a designated weekly topic. I love the opportunity to just take a few minutes to write without thinking too much about it. It pushes my creativity and helps me stretch out of my comfort zone.

This week's topic: DIVE

I can remember standing on the edge of the pool. Arching my body, clasping my hands, pointing my toes and   closing my eyes, I bend my knees. And I wait. I am holding my breath, but I don't realize it. I can hear my heart beating in my ears.

I am trying to make sure everything is perfect before I release my body and dive into the water and it paralyzes me. I can not move. I love the water, the splash and the feeling of knowing I executed the dive, but it is the letting go that I struggle with every time. I want to make sure everything is right and it hinders me for enjoying the thrill of the dive.

So many times that is the way it is in my spiritual life, too. I know that taking the steps toward doing what God wants me to do is exciting and I love being in His will, but I find myself standing on the edge of knowing I need to dive in, but I want it to be right and perfect and I forget that sometimes just letting go is worth it.      



Lyndse Ballew said...

Hi! Found you via FMF! Thanks for sharing...I was always too afraid to dive. ; )

BARBIE said...

I totally can understand about wanting to have everything perfect before diving in. But that's the beautiful thing about God, He takes us just as we are messy and imperfect. Have a great weekend.


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