Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Again

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Five Minute Friday

Their shoes are in front of the door again. There is toothpaste in the sink and wet towels on the bathroom floor again. "Turn out the light!", "Stop teasing your brother!" and "Close the front door!" are phrases I find myself saying again and again.

Then I hear their giggles as they are watching the same show they have seen a million times and I am again reminded how blessed I am that my home is filled with scattered shoes and wet towels and that there are precious little ones to care for, love and remind over and over again.

And I am sure God feels the same way about me. How often does He have to remind me to pick up my unrighteousness, repent of it and lay it at His feet to receive mercy and grace. How many times to have to be rebuked about my forgetfulness to pray or read His Word or stop my incessant worrying already! Again and again He gently pulls me close and whispers the same things, "You are forgiven", "You are loved" and "You need to change". But, He does it so gently and lovingly.

I believe that just as I am thankful to have my children to daily love and see grow again and again, He is that much more thankful that I am His child.


Julie Anne said...

delighted to be posting after you... My sentiments exactly on the feelings of Again!! :)

Jenny said...

I totally understand where you are coming from! Thanks so much for sharing, what a good encouragement

Sarah Penner said...

Amen! Seems we're in the same time of life since I could see myself writing the same thing. How blessed we are, both for the giggles and towels, and for His never-ending love!
~Sarah from

Hall Family in MD said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jenny and Sarah!!


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