Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fourth of July 2008

On the 4th of July we went to the Bowie Baysox's game with LHC. We had a great time even though it rained and there were several rain delays. And the Baysox's WON!! The fireworks display started an hour later than planned, but was well worth the wait! There are no pictures, however, because during one of rain delays the camera slid off of my lap and broke! Enjoy the pictures taken before I was clumsy =)

Kari and Noah - cheesing it up!

Are you ready for some baseball??

Can you feel the patriotism?

Poppy and Grammie

A Fourth of July family shot (I think Nathan might be in trouble?!)

The Thompson Creek Beaver!

Leland and Heather

Nathan staying dry under Little Mermaid

I don't know if the rain's going stop?!

Look! It's Rick taking a picture of the Joneses!

Nothing can dampen Pastor Paul's spirits

Another rain delay.....

The crowd of devoted and soaked fans (and to the bottom left BJ and Livi!)

Hannah so proud of snagging a picture of Rick!

Not so sure what is so funny Brian, but Dawn is obviously NOT amused. Nice fry, Dennis!

Casey Face

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