Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Noah's 4th Birthday 2008

Gifts from TX always arrive first and the kiddos love opening them! Nana and Papa sent a Toys' R Us gift card and Noah bought a new bike (pics to follow soon?!). Below Noah opens his present from the Howells.


Opening up his guitar from the Howells

Ready to celebrate!

Some pictures taken on his birthday.....

Ready to open some presents!

Opening Poppy and Grammie's gift

A camo truck!

Opening Kari's present

Open the card first

Wonder what's in here?

Showing some penguin and teddy bear love!

This is all I wanted for my birthday! (He found this treasure the night before his birthday in Poppy's work area in the basement. It is the attachment for a paint stirrer. Noah kept saying before he went to his last bedtime as a 3 year old "All I want for my birthday is that yellow spinner." It spins like a top! Poppy gave it to him as he was finishing up his gifts. He was THRILLED!)

A four year old's favorite breakfast

Noah was so excited that he was finally four and old enough to go to Elevate with Kari! Elevate is big kiddos' church at LHC! So, we made some cupcakes to share during snack time.....

Blowing out the candles!

The birthday boy

Kari, Noah and Hannah enjoying their cupcakes

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