Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday 4th Edition

The inspiration for this post - McKMama. It is an inspiring, honest blog with pictures of some of the cutest kiddos I have ever seen (beside my own =)

I did not read the book for my book club within 12 hours of getting the book. I also did not neglect any housework while reading my book.

I did not let my kiddos watch 3 hours of mindless Disney TV so I could read blogs posts from Not Me Monday last week.

I did not skip taking my 6 year old to karate because I could not find her karate gear in the piles of clothes on my bedroom floor.

I did not spend the hour before my Tupperware party in a cleaning frenzy because I waited until then to clean. Including my kiddos' bedroom. I did not tell the kiddos not to open their closet while their friends were here during the party to play.

I did not forget to buy pull-ups and have to wake up and change my 4 year old to put one on him. I also did not put a towel over the wet spot and let my 6 year old continuing sleeping in the peed on bed, so I would not have to change the sheets late at night and share my bed with both children, who didn't end up in my bed anyway causing my husband to sleep on the couch.

I did not buy the more expensive pair of jeans I tried on just because they had a tummy flattening panel in them.

I did not let my 6 year old go to the grocery store wearing her new footy pajamas.

I did not eat a pint of Dove Unconditional Chocolate ice cream in one setting.

What about you? What didn't you do??


Julie said...

I always to my best cleaning under pressure! And I NEVER make my kids watch TV just to read wrong would that be?!

-stephanie- said...

Hooray for tummy flattening jeans.
Your not me's made me laugh.

heidi said...

Sometimes ya gotta throw in the towel and pay more. You're worth it. ;-)

Anna said...

very funny! i've done the towel thing...but for spit up. cute not mes :)

DESJ and Company said...

I cannot tell you how many times I've stuck a towel under a sleeping child!!
Great Not Me's...

Jenn said...

Hmmm...some of those sound familiar. Although, I would never eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting. Nope, not me. :)

Weeksie50 said...

What book did you read? Do you recommend it?

I wasn't even aware that DOVE had ice cream.. Where have I been?

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I have never done the PEE thing.. ever. and certainly NOT two days in a row because I forgot..

I DO NOT need to know where you got those jeans!!


Celine said...

I want to go grocery shopping in footy pjs too! ^^

Ashley Griffin said...

I love you... i think you have been to my house though! I just did the pee thing yesterday :) and the mindless tv. and the cleaning thing this weekend. :)

Following Him said...

I so did not just spend an afternoon catching up on Grey's and Brothers&Sisters instead of doing homework. I sure as heck did not forget to dust this weekend either. Oh well another weekend will come soon.
Found your blog through MckMama!!

Pam D said...

LOVE your "not me's"! And I don't need to know the name of that obviously captivating book and those obviously fabulous jeans. Nope, not me. (I'll check your blog later for updates).


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