Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not Me Monday 6th Edition

If you haven't gone over to McKMama's blog and read about her miracle baby or the post that started it all, then head over there after you read my blog (and leave me a comment =)

I did not eat several mini candy bars from my kiddos' Halloween stash as soon as we were done trick or treating

I did not let my mom empty, refill and run my dishwasher several times this week

I did not make my husband go to Wal-Mart at 11 PM to get me tortilla chips so I could have nachos at midnight

I did not let my kiddos sleep in their costumes on Friday night

I did not silently rejoice when my friend told me she got fired - I watch her girls on Mondays and I did not want to be able to sleep in on Mondays again

I did not make my husband clean out the chair that my son threw up in at 3 AM on Friday

I did not make my husband sleep on the couch so my sick son and lonely daughter could sleep in our king size bed with me

I did not give my son a large bowl to vomit in during the early morning hours, so I would not have to rush him back and forth to the bathroom while he vomited every hour on the hour

I did not forget (again) to return our library DVDs on time, resulting in several dollars worth of late fees

I did not let my daughter play outside in her Easter dress, complete with purse and hat and my son play outside in his Halloween costume and bare feet on Saturday (it was 70 degrees, BTW)

I did not my husband when he said his fantasy football team was going to beat mine this week

I did not eat my son's soft pretzel even after I had already eaten nachos for lunch

I did not pray bedtime prayers at my kiddos' bedroom door because there was not room for me to walk across their floor due to the toys and books and clothes and just stuff strewn all over their room. At least I think there is a room in there....somewhere.

What didn't you do??


Kameron said...

It looks like you owe your hubby big time for your week of Not Me!s :o)

-stephanie- said...

I just waded through my kids bedroom floor, to get to the bed.
Your not me's are great. Here's hoping the rest of your family doesn't get sick.

Following Him said...

I did not jump for joy that MckMama posted the NOT ME Monday today. Oh no, that would be like I was excited for it.

Anonymous said...

Too funny...I may have gotten 4 loads of laundry out of my hubby but I guarantee you I would not have gotten tortilla chips at 11pm :)

Robin said...

Love the one about the was Not me who found a billion toys plus clothes under the bed....but atleast the floor was clean...I guess!!:) too funny!!

Haley Nicodemus said...

Silently rejoice b/c you don't have to keep the kids - too funny. I hope she doesn't read your blog...haha! I L.O.V.E soft pretzels!

Deborah said...

Wow, what a Halloween y'all had. I hope the bug skips you and DH because taking care of kids when you're sick is SOOO not fun!

Ann said...

Keeping a list, that's a fantastic idea. I shall do that this week!

Ashley said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog... I also did not steal lots of little candy bars out of my son's trick or treat candy because I am SO not a chocoholic! Great Not Me's!!!

Kimber said...

I had a pukey one this week as well, and I did NOT have him sleep on the couch with a towel under him & a bucket on the floor right below his head so I wouldn't have to be up half the night either. I had already washed my sheets twice by this time though.

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