Friday, November 21, 2008

Sad Day

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our hermit crab, Reggie. Kari and Noah were both upset, but in their parting words to him it was apparent that Noah was more affected by this loss. Kari asked God to help him in heaven and let him believe in God. Noah said, "Thank You, God that he was a fun pet. That he very good manners and that he was a good pet for today."

Bless his little heart.

While we were getting shoes and such on to go outside for the burial, I asked Noah where his slippers were, thinking they would be faster to put on than his tennis shoes. "My slippers!", he exclaimed, "You are not putting him in THERE! He's dead, Momma!"

I think Reggie may have enjoyed his final resting place being some Lightening McQueen slippers. Now if they were Cody's slippers that may have been a different story. Boy has some stinky feet!

I guess this post indicates how attached I was to the hermit crab. I will not be ending my dinner prayers with "and God bless Reggie" like my sister used to for her hermit crab, Bessie.

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