Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday 8th Edition

Head over to McKMama's for a great entry with pictures. She started all of this, BTW!

I did not not go and fix my kiddos' CD player that kept skipping because I was reading Not Me Monday posts

I did not read 20 or so blogs in hopes of getting some more people to come and read mine

I did not get in line at Target to pay for my kiddos' PJs only to realize that I had forgotten to get the birthday gift I made the trip for, to get out of line after getting the gift only to realize that I did not get a gift bag or card! I did not buy myself some Raisinettes to make myself feel better

I did not bribe my children with breakfast at IHOP so that they would not freak out about getting their flu shots

I did not spend too much time on the computer making it too late to fix a proper dinner and feed my kiddos cereal

I did not wear the same shirt twice this week only to remember that most of the people that saw me wear the shirt the second day also same me wear it the second day

I did not wear a baseball cap more times this week than I washed my hair hence the need to not wear the baseball cap

I did not split a Nutty Bar with my daughter and my son telling them they only needed a half of a pack when I had a whole pack between splitting the packs between them

I did not finish the ice cream in the freezer and then act surprised when my daughter said the ice cream was all gone

I did not tell my son all I wanted to do was snuggle with him when actually I knew he would fall asleep if he climbed in bed with me and I would get a nap

I did not wear snowman socks with my dress pants and fancy outfit last night to our church's leadership banquet

And I did not let my husband sleep in the armchair this week because he yells at me when I wake him up. I totally woke him up and made him come to bed so he did not complain about his neck hurting the next day


Haley Nicodemus said...

Don't you hate it when you forget the main thing you went to the store for! I seem to forget the main ingredient of my meals when I go...annoying! Also, my husband had to interview some mom's that were getting spa treatments and he came home and said, "OMG, did you know that moms don't shower everyday? And, did you know that it's bad for your hair to wash it everyday?" I about peed in my pants when he told me that!

Anonymous said...

Very funny not me's i never let my husband sleep in the recliner downstairs so i can have the bed to myself :)

Lura said...

Um yeah. I'm guilty of that nutty bar thing too. Ha ha.

Following Him said...

I totally did not get all excited when I had more than 5 comments last week at this time. Never!

Keyona said...

I thought I was the only one who went on comment binges just so people will come read mine! :o)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

That so does not happen to me at the store all the time!

Apryl said...

Great Not Me's. Thanks for visiting my first Not Me post. I am also guilty of the nutty bar thing.


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