Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday 5th Edition

It all started over at McKMama's. After you read mine, head over and read hers and others that link on her site...

I did not totally forget about Not Me Monday and almost not post anything today.

I did not spend money on ice cream cones for the kiddos even though we already had ice cream in the freezer at home.

I did not skip dinner last night to be able to have two slices of cinnamon cake instead.

I did not give my kiddos dirty socks to wear yesterday because I did not want to go downstairs and sort through the clean clothes baskets to find socks.

I did not drink Diet Coke with breakfast....twice.

I did not sleep on my bed without sheets this week because I did not want to go downstairs and sort through the clean clothes baskets to find clean sheets.

I do not have a problem with taking the baskets full of clean clothes upstairs after I take them out of the dryer.

I did not have to move several baskets full of clean clothes from in front of the freezer to check and see what we had in there several times this week.

I did not take a piece of gum from my 13 year old son's pack without telling him and justify it because of all the times he takes gum out of my purse without asking.

I did not make the same son eat dinner by himself on Saturday because I was tired of looking at him and listening to his grumpiness.

I did not take a nap today even though my husband let me me sleep in an extra 2 hours.

And I did not let me 4 year old son tell people at church that the cuts on his forehead were from a knife fight with his 6 year old sister. He insists it was a pink knife.

What didn't you do??

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip October 2008

Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch with some of the other families at church. Grammie was our tour guide. We got to learn about some of the things they grow on the farm including sweet potatoes and cotton, see a variety of animals including a goat and cow that had to go to the bathroom right in front of us, take a hayride and pick our own pumpkins. At the end of the tour, we got an apple! Funny story - Noah was climbing on one of the fences and Grammie took him down and swatted his bottom. Brian, who didn't know Grammie was, well....Grammie said to Rick, "Man, who does that lady think she is swatting Noah's butt. I am keeping Leland away from her!"

Learning about different pumpkins and gourds

Brian and Leland

Pumpkins painted as Little Einsteins, Pooh Bear and Friends, and Wubbzy and Friends

Pumpkins painted like Batman and the Joker, The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, Handy Manny and his Tools

Checking out the animals

The hayride

Cool shades, Leland

The pumpkin patch

Love the socks on the pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Asked about It....

The book I did not finish in 12 hours was Healing Stones by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn.

And the jeans I did not buy that were more expensive and with a tummy flattening panel are Lee Riders from Wal-Mart. I know, but really Wal-Mart.

I will be back tomorrow with pictures of the kiddos' field trip to the pumpkin patch. The one we visited is named Papa John's and Noah wanted to know where the pizza was.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday 4th Edition

The inspiration for this post - McKMama. It is an inspiring, honest blog with pictures of some of the cutest kiddos I have ever seen (beside my own =)

I did not read the book for my book club within 12 hours of getting the book. I also did not neglect any housework while reading my book.

I did not let my kiddos watch 3 hours of mindless Disney TV so I could read blogs posts from Not Me Monday last week.

I did not skip taking my 6 year old to karate because I could not find her karate gear in the piles of clothes on my bedroom floor.

I did not spend the hour before my Tupperware party in a cleaning frenzy because I waited until then to clean. Including my kiddos' bedroom. I did not tell the kiddos not to open their closet while their friends were here during the party to play.

I did not forget to buy pull-ups and have to wake up and change my 4 year old to put one on him. I also did not put a towel over the wet spot and let my 6 year old continuing sleeping in the peed on bed, so I would not have to change the sheets late at night and share my bed with both children, who didn't end up in my bed anyway causing my husband to sleep on the couch.

I did not buy the more expensive pair of jeans I tried on just because they had a tummy flattening panel in them.

I did not let my 6 year old go to the grocery store wearing her new footy pajamas.

I did not eat a pint of Dove Unconditional Chocolate ice cream in one setting.

What about you? What didn't you do??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday 3rd Edition

Again, a post inspired by the wonderful McK Mama

I did not take my kiddos to the library this week just to be able to get ice cream afterwards

I did not let the cashier at the convenience store think that my four year old needed to go to the bathroom when it was really me that was close to peeing my pants when I asked to use their employee only restroom

I did not eat 6 orange danishes yesterday (4 for breakfast and two after lunch!)

I did not pretend to go to bed early last night so I could eat ice cream in my bedroom without having to share

I did not spend most of my grocery budget this week on eating out instead of making dinner at home

I did not allow my 6 year old to make breakfast for herself and her 4 year old brother so I could sleep in today

Nope, not me!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not Me Monday 2nd Edition

This post is inspired by McK Mama

I did not allow my kiddos to eat a fortune cookie after they brushed their teeth

I did not have a huge booger on my finger the whole time we said nighttime prayers because I wiped my son's nose without using a kleenex while we were praying

I did not text my daughter during the message at church

I did not promise my husband sexual favors in exchange for his help in the kitchen

I did not post on my family blog that I promised my husband sexual favors in exchange for his help in the kitchen

I did not take my Spanx off in the van before we even left the parking lot of my cousin's reception last night because I could not stand wearing it any longer

And I most certainly did not feed my kiddos waffles for dinner the other night because I did not want to have to cook anything

Nope. Not me!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

TRU and Geoffrey's Birthday

On Saturday, we went to TRU for Geoffrey's Birthday Party. The local newspaper had a TRU flyer that advertized the bash and the kiddos read it and wanted to go. Well, Kari read it and told Noah. Once they two of them combined their cuteness, we were powerless against them. So, we made plans to go. They were promising a hat parade and free gifts.

When we arrived, there was little evidence that a party was going on at the store. They had a few balloons tied to chairs around a table where some kiddos were coloring and next to the table was a wagon filled with hats and paper "Happy Birthday" crowns. An employee handed Kari and Noah some hats and ushered them to the table to color. Color me unimpressed. I was also unimpressed with the wooden train whistles they handed out and ran out of before we arrived (they were 10 kiddos there plus K and N. Guess they didn't anticipate the rush?!) to the kiddos because I had a wicked headache.

The kiddos got to color a bit of their pictures before the parade started. Geoffrey came out and the kiddos followed him around the store blowing those wretched whistles and singing "Happy Birthday". Of course, most of the kiddos were distracted by the aisles of toys we passed while in the parade.

After the parade, they announced they the kiddos could browse the store or color some more pictures until the next activity an hour. We were able to persaude the kiddos to pick out a cheap toy so we could leave. They were bummed about there not being free gifts, so we bought a two pack of Littlest Pet Shop cats and went home.

Here are a few shots after the hat parade

Kari seems a bit unimpressed, too while Noah is obviously in love with the giant giraffe!

I guess I just expected some more effort from the store and the employees. And cake. My headache could have really used some cake.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...