Monday, February 09, 2009

Not Me Monday 20th Edition

You know what today is...No, not Manic Monday! It's Not Me Monday and after you finish my fabulous post, check out MckMama's blog where it all began.

I did not eat a pint of ice cream on Saturday night

I did not throw out what my mom made for dinner on Monday on Saturday because no one really ate it then and I did not want it in the fridge

I did not listen to the same CD on repeat all week long whenever I got the chance

I did not put headphones on and listen to the same CD while I was on the computer and sing loudly while getting strange looks from my 14 year old

I did not feed my kiddos chicken biscuits for breakfast and chicken nuggets for lunch

I was not a bit sad when my mom sewed my 4 year old’s blankie back together. I did not totally love that it was falling apart

I did not let my dad take Rick to the airport on Friday at 5 AM so I could sleep

I did not make enough Shepherd’s Pie ingredients to fill 2 9X13 dishes thinking my family would eat it in one setting to have an entire dish of it still in the fridge

I have not been warming it up for the kiddos’ lunches every day since then and still have a dish of it left

I did not tell my husband that he was perpetuating teenage drama this weekend by acting like the teenagers he was saying were being dramatic

I did not bake chocolate chips for my ministry display in the church kitchen during the morning service yesterday

I did not justify it because, since our church is small, I could still hear the sermon in the kitchen

I did not use the cookies to try to bribe the judge to win a gift card for the best ministry display

I did not say the word ass in front of our worship leader, youth leader and pastor on Saturday night while I was at the church setting up my ministry displays

I was not referring to an old blog post about my husband when I said the above mentioned word

Nope, not me! What did you not do this week? Check out my friend, Carlton's blog, too!


Mighty M said...

Hi - Just checking out some Not Me Monday posts - you have some good ones there! I have a tendency to sing loudly to music too, and also listen to the same thing over and over until I move on to the next fav!

God's Man said...

And I did not eat one of the above cookies. I am allergic to chocolate so I would never do that.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...