Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday The Legal Edition

Monday used to be a day I dreaded, now I do not dread Mondays, because I love Not Me Monday! Read mine and then head over to MckMama's where it all began. And do not forget to check out, Carlton's blog, too!

I did not send Rick out the morning of Valentine's Day to get the kiddos' cards and candy.

I did not only fill their hearts part of the way so I would have some mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups left over for myself.

I did not take the kiddos out three times for ice cream last week.

I did not even not realize that Kari and Noah had climbed into bed with us until we woke up in the morning on Sunday.

I did not let Kari play outside in her flip flops even though it was too cold for flip flops last week.

I did not wait to hear crying when I heard what sounded like someone falling down the stairs before I went to investigate. When no one was crying I did not continue what I was doing. *Don't worry - everyone was okay, including Devin's laptop. Yes, it was 17 year old that fell down the stairs*

I did not wear the same red sweater three times this week in honor of celebrating Valentine's Day.

I did not eat a piece of cake and a cupcake yesterday before lunch.

I did not give Noah a piece of Kari's gum even though she told him he couldn't have any more of her gum.

I did not let Devin go to a friend's house on Saturday while Rick was at work even though he told her she could not go.

I did not enjoy making up with Rick after I told him I let Devin go against his wishes.

I did not start kissing Rick to distract him from being mad at me.

Nope, not me! What didn't you do??


Following Him said...

I so did not spend my 30 minute break blogging...what has this world come to? Glad you had a great VDay!

Lolli said...

I did NOT eat cheesecake for lunch. Fun not mes! I'm in MD, too! it's fun to see another MD mommy blogger. :)

Lauren said...

You can't blame a girl for wanting to wear flip flops!


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