Friday, June 12, 2009

Kari's 7th Birthday June 2009

We celebrated Kari's 7th birthday while on vacation in TX. Aunt Krista and Uncle Lonnie graciously allowed us to have a pool party at their house. Nana and Aunt Krista prepared all the food (Uncle Lonnie grilled, too!) and Nana bought the fantastic dragonfly cake at T0m Thumb. Aunt Krista even took Kari and Noah to the D0llar Tree to pick out some balloons and gift bag items (the gift bags were buckets!). Kari said that it was the best day of her entire life =)

Here are some pictures.....

The Birthday Girl

Opening Gifts

Tink Backpack

Ecstatic about getting money

Her "7 Year Old" doll from Nana and Papa

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Blowing out her candles (I love how Noah is helping her!)

The birthday day girl and her birthday hat

Loving her Tink backpack

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