Thursday, June 11, 2009

Step Up to Success Awards Ceremony*

Tonight was Josh's awards ceremony for the Step Up to Success program. It was a really neat ceremony, complete with academic and creative awards.

Josh received the following academic awards: Exemplary CASAS Scores Increase, Outstanding Accuplacure Score, Power Point Guru, Grammar Guru, Customer Service and Most Likely to Succeed Award. He also received the following creative awards: Career Award "Most Likely to Unclog Your Sink" Plumber/HVAC Technician, GLYG (Good Looking, Young Guy) Award, Most Creative Excuses Award, Cool Cat Drama Award and the Clown Award.

We are very proud of his academic awards and none of his creative awards were a surprise. Here are a few photos*

Ceremony Program

George opens the ceremony with some inspirational words "Kai-Zen!"

Ms. Lisa gives out the academic awards

The Most Likely to Succeed recipients

George gives out the creative awards

Josh and his mentors, George Carter and Jules

Josh and his teacher, Ms. Lisa

Josh and his friend, Erik

*I know I still need to do a vacation post, along with Kari's birthday post and Devin's graduation post, but I will do them once I upload the pictures Amy and Krista sent.

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