Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Me Monday Vacation Edition

*Disclaimer - You may not want to read my Not Me Monday posts. I may talk about things that you (Hi, Father-in-Law) would rather not read about (like my sex life), so you have been warned. Proceed with caution =)

I did not get frustrated with the 7 year old when she had to stop every hour to go to the bathroom and then find myself having to go when I took her.

I did not enjoy eating licorice in the van during our 27 hours of travel even though the smell of it makes my husband sick.

I did not enjoy watching my best friend from TX throw pillows at Rick each time he feel asleep and started snoring during the movie we were watching.

I did not try to get the 7 year old to eat a buck eye from Cracker Barrel with a Benadryl shoved in the bottom of it. She did not flip the candy over and find the medicine and refuse to eat it or talk to me.

I did not do the Snoopy dance when we finally found Dramamine at a gas station.

I did not laugh hysterically when my best friend from TX texted me after we left to let me know that she found a pair of my husband's underwear balled up in the bottom of the sheets on the bed we slept in at her house during our stay. I did not almost pee my pants while laughing when I read that her husband picked them up with needle nose pliers and threw them away.

I did not hope that they did not find any other evidence that we had been intimate in their guest room during our visit.

I did not get frustrated when I saw what the new owners of our old house did to the custom pavers we had put in before we moved. I also did not criticise their paint choice for the trim or the way the lawn looked. I do not care that much about our old place.

I did not let the kiddos stay up an hour past bedtime the night we arrived home because I was still on CST. I have not used that as an excuse this week when they stayed up past bedtime several nights in a row.

What didn't you do??

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