Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Wonder

I was sure this week would never end and that I wasn't going to make it through everything our family has faced this week, but I didn't miss any days from work, so I am calling it a success. I did miss some sleep and  ended up eating more comfort food when I should have been exercising, but I am giving myself a pass.

This is the last Five Minute Friday of 2012. Seems I was a bit late to the party and now it's over until January. But, I am glad I have participated and have meet some neat ladies and read some cool blogs. So, why not join me for this year's last post.....

Five Minute Friday


He watches as Granddad takes the pieces of the tree out of the box and begins to assemble it. "It's a tree, MoMo! It's a Christmas tree!" He is so excited to see the tree take its form and for the lights to be wound around the branches.

When the lights are turned on he excitedly exclaims, "GREEN! RED! YELLOW! BLUE!" He gently touches the glowing colors and murmurs, "It's a Christmas tree."

As Kari and Noah start to hang the ornaments he watches from the couch, covered up with the snowman tree skirt. As he leans his head against a snowman pillow he is silent taking in the wonder of it all.

I want to see Christmas this year through the eyes of my 2 year old grandson. I want to gleefully ask everyone if they will be here for Christmas, for Jesus' birthday. I want to take in the wonder of the tree, its lights and what the ornaments mean to my family - the first year ornaments, the handmade ones, the ones sent each year from Texas.

It is completely amazing to me that God sent His Son to this earth as a baby to grow among men to be our ultimate sacrifice.

I want to be in awe and wonder in the marvelous season of Christmas.....  


Julie Anne said...

The wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a child... why do I have such a hard time embracing it?!?! I'm tired of being the partypooper! :)

Hall Family in MD said...

I know what you mean, Julie. I used to decorate the house to the hilt and now I do the basic mantel and tree and am satisfied. I think my kiddos are figuring out the whole Santa thing, too and it just makes me sad.


I am not sure how it started. I guess maybe it was a genuine illness at first. Then the teenager babysat a little late on a Saturday night. ...