Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hurts My Brain

Once Noah started school I realized that I wanted and needed to go back in the educational field. I applied to substitute with the public school system and applied at a few private schools in the area. Nothing seemed to be opening up, so I started working at our church as the receptionist, still keeping my eye on any open positions with the public schools.

In the summer of 2010, I received a few emails about a few openings as a temporary student assistant and went on a few interviews. I never heard back from two of the schools and one of the school called to let me know that they had filled the position with someone else. I decided to stay at the church and just keep looking, knowing that I would eventually be back in a teaching position eventually.

That was 2 years ago and I have been at my current school as a TSA since then. The school that called and said they filled the position with someone else...well, she never showed up so I was offered the position. Since then I have worked with 3 different than the one I was hired to work with and I am now on the journey to obtain my state certification so I can get back to the classroom as a full time teacher.

I just completed my Praxis I test yesterday and am currently taking one of the two required classes I have to take to satisfy the requirements to validate my degree. I will have to take the Praxis II as well and hope to do so in February. Rick will be student teaching in the fall of 2013, so I am praying that I am teaching full time by then, so he can concentrate on student teaching and will not have to get a part time job in the evenings while student teaching.  

I honestly am anxious about teaching again and feel very old compared to some of the others taking the tests and in my current class. Part of me would love to just stay at home and be a domestic goddess, but I know that to get our family where we need to be in the future, I need to pursue a teacher career again.

I am praying for the right school, grade and class and am excited to see what God has in store for me this time around as a classroom teacher. I am also tossing around the idea of getting my special education certification or getting my master's in speech pathology. But, just thinking about more schooling hurts my brain.  

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