Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday Crazy Week/Weekend Edition

I did not burn my tongue in hot caramel after I told my kiddos to be careful.

I did not repeatedly scrape caramel off the plate the caramel apples were cooling on nor did I scrape the caramel off my DH's apple, eat the caramel and then throw the apple in the trash.

I did not laugh out loud while watching Monsters VS. Aliens with the kiddos. I did not find B.O.B. hilarious.

I did not cry while watching Brothers and Sisters on I did not check Facebook during the Kevin and Scotty parts because I am a bit uncomfortable with men kissing other men.

I have not let the 7 year old wear orange and black Halloween themed ponytail holders with all of her outfits even though they do not match because I have been dying for her to let me put ponytails in her hair for 3+ years!

I did not contemplate, even for a minute, encouraging my DH take a web design job to design and maintain a porn site with live feed of nude girls because he has been out of work for 5 months and we could really use the money.

I did not use the phrase "Satan's a punk!" more times this weekend than my signature phrase "Seriously??"

I did not indulge in a alcoholic beverage on Saturday to feel like a grown up to only have it make me feel like an elderly person who eats dinner at 4 PM and falls asleep before finishing the meal.

I did not eat chicken fried steak for breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

I did not feed the 18 year old girl's breakfast to the dog on Saturday when she slept in instead of eating with the family.

I did not start keeping a journal for my NMM posts so I would not forget to post first thing in the morning, to forget to post until after lunchtime.

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