Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday Field Trip Edition

I did not get my period the night before the field trip.

I did not have trouble getting out of bed the morning of the field trip and then overslept trying to get just a few extra minutes of sleep.

I did not refuse Rick's offer to get me coffee because I did not want to have to go to the bathroom while on the bus en route to the farm.

I did not have a panic attack when I couldn't find my shoes and I was already late for the mandatory movie I had to watch before being allowed to go on the field trip.

I did not want to punch the secretary at the school when she told me I had to get in the very long line of parents to get a visitor's sticker before I could walk Noah the last two feet to his classroom.

I did not say rather loudly in line waiting for my sticker "This day could not get any worse!". I did not also want to stomp my feet for emphasis.

I did not laugh out loud when I got my list of kiddos in my group and one of the boys was named Michael Scott. I did not then text Rick and tell him Michael Scott was in my group.

I did not do a last minute restroom run before getting on the bus.

I did not lose one of the boys in my group after only being off the bus for a few minutes. I did not only have three boys in my group.

I did not feel bad about texting Rick on the hayride, especially when I saw Noah's teacher talking on her cell phone.

I did not thank God when the boy that fell in the water and got mud all over him was not Noah.

I did not let the boys in my group pee in the corn field before getting on the bus because we did not have time to go to the bathroom and I was not risking letting 3 5 year olds that said they HAD TO GO get on the bus for 45 minutes without going to the restroom.

I did not have a great time on Noah's first field trip and bus ride...oh, wait, yes I DID!!

What didn't you do??

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HD said...

Ha! I love it! From the not wanting coffee so you wouldn't have to pee, to having Michael Scott in your group your Not Me gave me a great laugh! (o:


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